Monday, February 6, 2012


We make change. We become transformed. As a Transformation Consultant, I work with people who want to move beyond desiring a change in their lives and are truly ready to transform their lives.  This blog is something I do for myself. I like sharing it with all of you, and primarily it is for myself. It is a part of my own transformations. There is something about how my voice comes out here that is different than my other venues and mediums for writing, speaking and coaching. My Spontaneous Poetry sparks a part of my creativity that is different than anything else I have ever tried. (I do have a B.A. in Creative Writing and this is way different than what I did in school because I am not worrying about the critiques, the kudos or the grade. I publish it myself so there is no need to wait for a rejection either!) It is not like my journal or a diary. I become my own audience. And I think we all could use a little bit of being our own audience in our lives. It's helping me pay attention. And I certainly don't want to catch myself falling asleep while watching my show!

I get to work with what is present in my mind or energy field. Maybe it's a song, a phrase, a feeling, a sentence-I never really know! I do know that the more I do this, the more I love it. It's a gift to myself and I receive it. It squashes my perfectionism tendency and allows me to simply play. It also strangely feels safe while keeping me from hiding. This seems like such a contradiction! I'm not playing a role to please others-I am simply playing. I feel inspired. I feel like no matter what, I always have something to say to myself. And I have a chance to listen.  It is allowing me the chance to get to know myself even more fully. Sometimes I can even recognize the significance of something that I wrote and how important those few words can be and how they spring forward and mean so much to me in my learning for the day. For instance, the poem I wrote yesterday. It seemed like so many of my conversations throughout the rest of the day ended up referencing the poem and what I learned about myself from it.And then I  learned even more.  I don't believe in accidents. I believe that we are being spoken to all the time and are always given guidance. This is where transformation begins...within. Just listen. Or maybe write.

Today's poem is a celebration and gift to all whom I have talked to in my life, worked with, supported, been supported by, and to all those whom I have yet to meet. I thank you! You've helped me create and follow my Recipe for Success.

Recipe for Success

1 ounce of Belief in Yourself
3 shots of inspiration
Followed by 1 shot of inspired action
And a touch of clear direction
            (this may be cloudy at first glance)
4 big handfuls of “I can do it”
Followed by another 4 cups of “Look what I did!”
Add a teaspoon each of heart and soul
Scant any yucky stuff
Fill the middle with words of encouragement
And search inside for any other gifts you may have forgotten
Improvise the ingredients, working with what you have
Taste as you go
Sweeten the balance with a dash of fun
Share with others for taste tests
Yet you are the creator of this recipe
Remember you are your best equipment
Be mindful of your smoking and melting points
Top with a dollop of your sweet dreams

Let it rest for awhile if it starts to harden and toughen up

Add a little wow factor in your presentation that suits you best

Serve to those who want to savor what you have
And ignore the rest.

Repeat when you want more. 

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