Monday, March 12, 2012

Wild Woman Living

Inspiration is such a beautiful thing! Especially when we become one of the primary sources of our own inspiration. It's like sharing. The more I can be inspired from my own dreams, the more I am inspired by others-rather then being jealous and wondering, "Why didn't I do that? Why isn't that me?" The answer is: It's not me! I am me, you are you, we are all unique and are all beautiful expressions of ourselves. We all consist of the same primary emotions, like primary colors, and it is how we blend and infuse ourselves that we create the most spectacular rainbow of our own self-expression. Celebrate your own dreams, visions, inspirations, quirks, colors, emotions, expressions. Then celebrate others. When I hide from my dreams and inspirations, then I am afraid and sitting in my own limitations, my world becomes blue and grey and sometimes black and dull. When I follow the dreams of my heart the way a sunflower follows the sun, I am alive and in full color. Even when the day is overcast and grey without my doing. My song is being sung, my art is being crafted, and inspiration and I are one.

Wild Woman Living

Life is beginning
More and more each day as I
Let it create me

Savoring the steps 
It leads me down as I look
Beyond my limits

Accepting the call 
Of the wild, my dreams now
Become my whole life

I live fearless, love
Fiercely, celebrate
Life authentically

Hoping to create 
Inspiration in others
To follow their dreams

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sandcastles in my Heart and a Love Song

Tonight I was reminded again of the strength, courage, and freedom in choosing from my heart. Choosing from my heart is like listening and trusting my intuition. There is no agenda, curriculum, fear, overcompensation, weakness, insecurity.... There is only the Divine presence of Love. And Truth. 

I have fallen in love with the universal connection of us all and want to write us a love song. I want to sing it and dance to it and laugh at the parts that may be off key, not a care in the world other than rejoicing in the song. I want to fly in the beauty of our spirits and look into our eyes to reflect the love that is within all of us-that is all of us. I want to take my light and wash away the muddy windshields that are obstructing the views that allow us to see ourselves clearly. I want to hold hands and play "Ring Around the Rosie" dressed up like fairy princesses (and princes) with May Pole ribbons and laugh until the tears of joy and silliness replace those of pain and judgment. I want to run with the inner child in all of us and remember that our Spirit will always prevail. 

So let's do it, okay? Give your heart permission to take the lead. Don't hold back. Love yourself completely. Then we can completely love. And play like kids again. Or for some of us, play like kids for the first time...because it's never too late to have the joyful childhood we've always dreamed of. We are just wearing bigger bodies.     

The Oneness in Totality

Wading on the shores
Of everything
I watch the ripples
Head towards the horizon
While the waves
Crash on the shore
And I sense the totality
Of it all
Suspended in choice
Do I look outward
To see where I may go?
Or do I look down
To see where I’ve crashed?
Do I look back
To see where I’ve been?
Each moment and choice
Like the grains of sand
In which to build
The sandcastles
Of my desires.
For the totality
And I
Are one.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Hero Within

Amazing things can happen when we believe in ourselves.

First, you discover that you do, indeed, believe in yourself!

You are not outsourcing the job to someone else. There is no worry that you may be left behind and without a believer. No being up a creek without a paddle. No church without a congregation. No "fly by night" company peddling their wares only to find it was always an empty room. No helium balloon that has gone impotent days after it was given to you.

Belief in yourself can always be connected. It can always be recharged. Wherever you show up, there you are, greeting yourself and feeling glad that you are here. You can always have a president of your own fan club. And you always have a superhero to look up to-either in underwear and tights, or formal clothes.

You begin to discover your own worth. You begin to create your own fortune rather than relying on luck. You begin to value your own time, energy and resources. You begin to count on yourself and not the change that you find elsewhere.

You begin to discover that you are the artist of your own dreams and anything else is someone coloring you in for you.

Today, I was given the opportunity to make a choice: go with fear, or take a stand in believing in myself. I realized that there was no questioning the choice. I believed in myself. I said no to a fear based decision. I was living my words of "leap of faith" and said no to the option that would sway me from my dreams, goals and the calling of my soul. I stood behind myself and found that I really was my own hero.

And organically stemming from that was a lot of other people believing in me too. Because belief is catching. Kinda like a smile. You can't help but want to smile-or believe-too.

The hero within
knows the core of our strength and
never lets us fall

The victim within
knows the path to our weakness
wants to wear us down

Let the hero win
by loving our victim and
then we will have wings

With our wings we then
have the power to fly, our
hearts are free to love

All paths are there to
show ourselves that there really
is no way to fail

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Becoming your own best "BFF"

Tonight, my 5 haikus are enough. And so are you.

I Am Enough Already

Some days I will yearn
for the moment when I just
feel it's all perfect

when the smile in my
heart matches the smile on my
face and in my soul

where I don't have to
pine to be anything but
the flower within

it's those moments when
I realize that it's time to
be my own best friend

because yearning is
a sign that I am thinking
that I am not enough.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freedom in the Darkness

It's been awhile since I posted-okay, a week. I celebrated with you in my last post, and then I took a little break. Life distracted me in other ways. I knew I'd be back though. I hesitated posting this spontaneous poem because it is not all rainbows and happy thoughts. Since I don't hide anymore, I decided to post it anyway. Consider this the thorn on the rose. It's showing you my shadow side with a flashlight. I am not going to be embarrassed by my dark poetry, my dark thoughts, my strange interpretations of the nightmares in my life. I am going to be real. And in this realness is a little girl with a very adult like tongue who uses her words to lash back now that she has the words and the freedom to no longer hide. We don't dwell here long-like I said, it is showing the darkness with a flashlight. When I turn the light fully on, it is all changed and gone away. But don't we all have nightmares from childhood that keep looping in our head and psyche? Doesn't that chair in the corner look like a monster in the dark shadows of the night, or soul, no matter how many times we convince ourselves otherwise after we've turned on the light? The spontaneous, free-flowing poetry that is written when we are feeling like we are in the dark room of the past is like turning on the light. It doesn't have to be true anymore. It gets the fears and tears out and allows our inner mother to tell ourselves it is all okay and to soothe the scary parts so we may know that we are loved. We can clean up the spider webs and live freely again. 

Recurring Childhood Nightmares Loop

Between these worlds there is a heartbeat, a murmur, a silence so deafening it screams within you, within the fear of itself, the echo of the past words and dialogs and scripts that dangle in the breeze of your head like last night’s spider’s work running across the yard, capturing the leaves and lint that the wind blows as it howls through the darkness of night.

These echoes of the past haunt like a rotten boat creaking on the shore waiting to take a journey to never return. The bell ringing at the hour and the ice cream man plays Christmas in July and Happy Birthday every day. Like lions roaring at the hand of the child who wants to pet it.

Who knows what evil lurks within the mind of a used child? The game players, that’s who. The haters and doubters hedge their bets that invest in hedge funds that play games of nothingness supporting the best suit and squashing the intuition out of those who truly want to believe.

We die young when we have to grow up so fast. Have mercy on us! We know only what they do, for if we were to think for ourselves we would be squashed, caught like the lint and leaves that were blown away by some other force. There is gravity when you are trying to fly and no flying without the wind and wings.

Be still you silly little expense! Be quiet you nagging black hole! If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all but make sure you hear me when I am screaming at you because I will make sure you never forget these damaging words of hate and regret and angst for my own childhood. What good is yours when I did not have mine?

I need to loose my mind to find my mind so I may mind my own. Do you mind if I mind? Or do I just need to rewind to be kind?  You play hopscotch and jacks with my feelings and dreams and tell me how bad the terrorists are when they hijack planes. You praise the man and hate the women who birth them. Change the world, you say, and then hate those who change it. You need to grow up, but you are growing up too quickly. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Celebrating the Celebration

Tonight, I celebrate the beauty of what has become. I rest in the joy and comfort of feeling accomplished in my tasks and vision and work and dreams and beauty that were unearthed today, yesterday, and every day forward. I celebrate the moments where I stood in my truth. I celebrate the moments where I loved myself first. I celebrate the moments when I listened to my heart. I celebrate the celebrate-able and all the moments in between.  I celebrate you!


There is a great joy
in knowing the truth about
the beauty of life

The great beauty of
life is knowing the truth of
the beauty of joy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Residing in my Heart

Today and yesterday I was feeling a little more quiet. Within this quiet, I found a gift. A deeper connection to my heart. In this connection, I remembered my love of Haikus. They serve as such a reminder that in a simple structure there can be so much beauty, freedom and creativity. So much can be said in just 17 syllables. Simplicity. Form. Freedom. Blessings.


Haikus of My Heart

My heart has the wings
To carry me beyond what
The world can show me

I trust in Spirit
To color me in beyond
All I imagine

Holding fast to what
Inspires me to become
A more perfect me

For being me is
What I was put here to be
Nothing less nor more

Therefore all of me
Sings the song of my being
Like sounds of heart wings