Monday, March 5, 2012

Sandcastles in my Heart and a Love Song

Tonight I was reminded again of the strength, courage, and freedom in choosing from my heart. Choosing from my heart is like listening and trusting my intuition. There is no agenda, curriculum, fear, overcompensation, weakness, insecurity.... There is only the Divine presence of Love. And Truth. 

I have fallen in love with the universal connection of us all and want to write us a love song. I want to sing it and dance to it and laugh at the parts that may be off key, not a care in the world other than rejoicing in the song. I want to fly in the beauty of our spirits and look into our eyes to reflect the love that is within all of us-that is all of us. I want to take my light and wash away the muddy windshields that are obstructing the views that allow us to see ourselves clearly. I want to hold hands and play "Ring Around the Rosie" dressed up like fairy princesses (and princes) with May Pole ribbons and laugh until the tears of joy and silliness replace those of pain and judgment. I want to run with the inner child in all of us and remember that our Spirit will always prevail. 

So let's do it, okay? Give your heart permission to take the lead. Don't hold back. Love yourself completely. Then we can completely love. And play like kids again. Or for some of us, play like kids for the first time...because it's never too late to have the joyful childhood we've always dreamed of. We are just wearing bigger bodies.     

The Oneness in Totality

Wading on the shores
Of everything
I watch the ripples
Head towards the horizon
While the waves
Crash on the shore
And I sense the totality
Of it all
Suspended in choice
Do I look outward
To see where I may go?
Or do I look down
To see where I’ve crashed?
Do I look back
To see where I’ve been?
Each moment and choice
Like the grains of sand
In which to build
The sandcastles
Of my desires.
For the totality
And I
Are one.

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