Friday, February 24, 2012

The Hero Within

Amazing things can happen when we believe in ourselves.

First, you discover that you do, indeed, believe in yourself!

You are not outsourcing the job to someone else. There is no worry that you may be left behind and without a believer. No being up a creek without a paddle. No church without a congregation. No "fly by night" company peddling their wares only to find it was always an empty room. No helium balloon that has gone impotent days after it was given to you.

Belief in yourself can always be connected. It can always be recharged. Wherever you show up, there you are, greeting yourself and feeling glad that you are here. You can always have a president of your own fan club. And you always have a superhero to look up to-either in underwear and tights, or formal clothes.

You begin to discover your own worth. You begin to create your own fortune rather than relying on luck. You begin to value your own time, energy and resources. You begin to count on yourself and not the change that you find elsewhere.

You begin to discover that you are the artist of your own dreams and anything else is someone coloring you in for you.

Today, I was given the opportunity to make a choice: go with fear, or take a stand in believing in myself. I realized that there was no questioning the choice. I believed in myself. I said no to a fear based decision. I was living my words of "leap of faith" and said no to the option that would sway me from my dreams, goals and the calling of my soul. I stood behind myself and found that I really was my own hero.

And organically stemming from that was a lot of other people believing in me too. Because belief is catching. Kinda like a smile. You can't help but want to smile-or believe-too.

The hero within
knows the core of our strength and
never lets us fall

The victim within
knows the path to our weakness
wants to wear us down

Let the hero win
by loving our victim and
then we will have wings

With our wings we then
have the power to fly, our
hearts are free to love

All paths are there to
show ourselves that there really
is no way to fail

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