Monday, March 12, 2012

Wild Woman Living

Inspiration is such a beautiful thing! Especially when we become one of the primary sources of our own inspiration. It's like sharing. The more I can be inspired from my own dreams, the more I am inspired by others-rather then being jealous and wondering, "Why didn't I do that? Why isn't that me?" The answer is: It's not me! I am me, you are you, we are all unique and are all beautiful expressions of ourselves. We all consist of the same primary emotions, like primary colors, and it is how we blend and infuse ourselves that we create the most spectacular rainbow of our own self-expression. Celebrate your own dreams, visions, inspirations, quirks, colors, emotions, expressions. Then celebrate others. When I hide from my dreams and inspirations, then I am afraid and sitting in my own limitations, my world becomes blue and grey and sometimes black and dull. When I follow the dreams of my heart the way a sunflower follows the sun, I am alive and in full color. Even when the day is overcast and grey without my doing. My song is being sung, my art is being crafted, and inspiration and I are one.

Wild Woman Living

Life is beginning
More and more each day as I
Let it create me

Savoring the steps 
It leads me down as I look
Beyond my limits

Accepting the call 
Of the wild, my dreams now
Become my whole life

I live fearless, love
Fiercely, celebrate
Life authentically

Hoping to create 
Inspiration in others
To follow their dreams

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