Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Residing in my Heart

Today and yesterday I was feeling a little more quiet. Within this quiet, I found a gift. A deeper connection to my heart. In this connection, I remembered my love of Haikus. They serve as such a reminder that in a simple structure there can be so much beauty, freedom and creativity. So much can be said in just 17 syllables. Simplicity. Form. Freedom. Blessings.


Haikus of My Heart

My heart has the wings
To carry me beyond what
The world can show me

I trust in Spirit
To color me in beyond
All I imagine

Holding fast to what
Inspires me to become
A more perfect me

For being me is
What I was put here to be
Nothing less nor more

Therefore all of me
Sings the song of my being
Like sounds of heart wings

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