Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll Write You a New One

I am beginning by creating a space for inner peace. 
(                                        ) 
Now I can reside within that. It's there for me whenever I need it. Soon, it will fill up my whole space and won't need to be symbolic and embraced in parenthesis. It will be a full exclamatory statement that needs no words or promptings. It-and I-can just be. We can bring the two parts of the parenthesis together and create a circle of hugging.     

Some days, the idea and notion of liking myself and being at peace with and within myself appears much easier than the reality. This unrest and discomfort feels like this itch that I can't scratch or get relief from because I don't know where it is really coming from or where it is located. I know I want the relief-the feel good feeling, the peace-yet I'm not really sure how to find it. I think in these moments I realize that I am really far away from myself. I may have found myself thinking about the past or how people have shown me or told me  "how wrong I was." I let them slip into my head and I start thinking, "Well, they must be right." I start believing them over myself. I don't think this way works very well. It's not really me. So I let go of the script and write a new one again.   

Breathing Deeper

Beyond the incessant
And noisy chatter in my mind
There is a space of silence
That speaks so loudly
In its brilliant vibrancy
Of color and vibrations and love

It is here that my heart
Truly resides
Where I truly exist

The other
Is just distractions
Taking my breath away
So I focus on the not
Instead of the yes
And when I breathe deeper
Into this
I remember who I really am

The other
Is like a navigator
Insisting on the road I must take
Instead of trusting myself
That the road doesn’t exist
For roads are paved by man
But journeys are written by the heart

Breathe deep within the journey
For without it
We are lost
Following a curriculum
Meant for the past
And missing our point

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